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Palliative Care

Physicians and palliative care providers, including those caring for patients who are critically ill, have an obligation to address pain and other symptoms causing patient distress. The effective management of symptoms serves the goal of comfort and is how we typically regard the role of the palliative care provider. For the patient who is critically ill, symptom assessments may be frequent, the management of pain may be complex and time-consuming. As organ dysfunction, delirium, anxiety, and the use of multiple pain medications occur, due to disease progression, more time is required from the palliative care provider to manage these symptoms. Footprints PC EMR uses critical care codes to report the integration of symptom management face to face time between patient and therapist.


There must be clear documentation that the clinical activity involves the delivery of pain management care to a patient who is critically ill. With Chart Footprints Palliative Care you can documents appropriately with confidence.

Footprints Palliative Care is pleased to be the first PC specific EMR solution which can work as a standalone charting system for physicians and PC care professionals or with the Footprints Hospice EMR application. In addition to patient medical record tracking, patient pain history and pain management treatment results are available at your fingertips. All with in a simple SOAP note format which allows easy PC service billing.

  • Pain management
  • Symptom management
  • Scheduling

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