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EMR eTrainer

Online Clinical Charting Education at its best

The increasing reliance of health care systems on information technology (IT) is ongoing. Nursing informatics has become a requirement in most credentialed nursing school programs. Footprints eTrainer has been well recognized as the nursing education industries first complete online EMR and QAPI training system for nursing students in colleges.

Topics such as clinical documentation, computerized practitioner order entry, and electronic health records are now required to function as a nurse in most clinical settings. Students learn patient medical record input, clinical plan of care development and notes, as well as quality assurance and performance improvement data analysis.


EMR eTrainer offers students in nursing informatics knowledge and skills in clinical information systems by guiding development of a presentation of recommendations actions and care improvement. Students learn to chart an instructor approved head to toe assessment of each patient, knowledge builds on concepts of data-information-knowledge.

The program combines online application access for each student and instructor with a syllabus for the instructor to use as a guide for the class. The final goal is a major presentation in which the student completes a project based on data collected in the online system under the mentorship of an experienced nursing instructor for presentation to the class.

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